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Welcome to business edge designs we offer photo editing services.We provide photography services for our clients when it is needed. On-site, designated environment or studio setting with lighting and backgrounds. Access to make-up room and makeup-artist if required.

                                  Photo Editing Benefits

You can enhance a photo graphically, you can add special effects, you can remove blemishes, you can create alternate versions of the same photo and you can also work on an array of aesthetic features. From cosmetic enhancement to truly enhancing the resolution, making the image sharper and more attractive. Photo editing is a magic wand that empowers you. There is no reason why you should not consider photo editing.

Imagine the brightness and contrast of images. Not everyone specializes in using ISO. Most people don’t know how ISO impacts the light and how you must work on the shutter speed, aperture and how the quality of lens also influences the brightness and contrast of a photo. Photo editing allows you to rectify the problems.


Basic Editing

Advanced Editing


Multiple Photos

Teeth whitening

Remove pimples

Fixing hair

adjust lightening/ Contrast

remove blemishes

graphic design


body swapping

body retouching






  • This option will enhance your photos lightly with minor detail. Enhance your featured image with special techniques to make flaws not visiable.
  • 3 edits per photo Total 90
  • 2 edits per photo total 60
  • 1 edit per photo total 40


  • This option remove blemishes, change skin/hair colour and select and remove or add objects to the scene.
  • Per 1 edit Total 70
  • Per 2 edits in total 100
  • Per 3 edits in total 140


  • This option enables transformation or alteration of a photograph using various methods for a desired outcome
  • 1 manipulation edit 90
  • 2 manipulation edit 160
  • 3 manipulation edit 2oo

Multiple Photos

  • This option is for big or small companies who require 1 or more edits per photo in bulk purchase. Products, Photographers ...
  • 3o photos 1 edit per photo $20
  • 60 photos 1 edit per photo $20
  • 30 photos 2 edits per photo $30