1.  Purchasing a website design along with development services- This agreement stands for a project which exists between the customer whose name has been mentioned on the Agreement and (Business Edge Services).


  1. Transferring File Fee – It is possible for the customer to acquire a copy of the concerned website and its respective contents for a fee of $250. This necessary fee is being charged primarily because ( Insert Company name) builds the website with the help of a complex database which does require one to pay the fee every time the file transfer is needed,


  1. Buying Website Services for Hosting- The Project identified shall be hosted by (Insert Company name). Hosting done anywhere else shall result in the company’s inability to take responsibility for software, hardware, performance, reliability and functionality of a website. Hosting anywhere else shall automatically be charged a $250 surcharge fee for transferring the file. This fee must not be mistaken for a penalty charge. It is a fee charged for converting the database into a mobile format for storage like a DVD or CD which will readily transport to a third part server.
    If hosting is done anywhere else, all warranties are voided and (Insert Company name) is relieved from all liabilities such as lost data, lost files etc.


  1. Responsibility of the customer- The project is subjected to the approval of the company. Customers are required to supply the company with all relevant information within 30 days of signing of the contract. The customer must supply the Graphics, content, data base and must warrant that the website publishing authority is legal. All necessary licenses required to publish over the Internet must be held. If the customer fails to provide the mentioned information within the given time frame, the company has the full right to charge the amounts hereunder. The company is not liable for losses, claims and damages asserted in case of delays from the customer.


  1. Technical related Decisions – Decisions related to design, programming, technology, programming logic, flow, font choice, graphical design, database structure and setup, visual appearances to other decisions which need to meet the pre-requisites of the customer is the company’s prerogative and not of that of the client.


  1. Contract Terms- The first terms for the agreement is set at twelve months right from the execution date. This renews on its own every year on the same unless the company decides to give the customer or a visa-versa, a notice of a minimum of 30 days for non-renewal before the close of each yearly term. The client cannot cancel the contract until all withstanding debts are cleared to the company are paid in full.


  1. Payment Terms – The client must agree to pay the company for all liable charges plus added applicable taxes for all the noted invoices related to the Agreement. In case of a dispute, the client must inform the company about the same within 7 days post receiving the invoice. If in case the invoice hasn’t been paid in fully by the client, the company will not be held responsible for work on the concerned invoice. If the customer fails to makes the payments within 30 days’ time, the company has the right to discontinue services and purge the project off of the Internet without prior notice.


  1. Charges on Late payments – An 2% rate of interest will be charged per month will be charged if in case an invoice payment remains pending for more than one 1 month. If in case the accounts prior to the due date of payment remain unpaid, the company shall charge a fee of admission of $150 in addition to the owed balance.


  1. Cheques of NSF – The fee charged by the administration of $25.00 is added to the NSF Cheques r due from the Customer side for all future invoices. The fee is due and is also liable to be subjected in case of late charges. If in case, the cheque has been returned to the company NSF, (Insert company name) has the right to suspend the website project without any prior notification by removing all the website pages off of the Internet.


  1. Provisions of Privacy – Except under compulsion of law, the Company agrees to ensure all non-public information be held in confidence in relation to this Agreement. Name, Identity and other personal details shall not be disclosed without compulsion of the laws of state.


  1. No Success Guarantee – The client acknowledges that the Agreement will provide no success guarantee, response, display problems, compute compatibility, browser configurations among other issues beyond the Agreement Terms. The company in no certain terms guarantees uptime o the website and is not to be held responsible n case of damage to the websites, database, files and other resources which may results in an inoperable website.


  1. No Deadline Guarantee – The Company cannot give delivery guarantee for a website project for the customer’s satisfaction. All projects shall be submitted in the given timeframe and shall be deemed completed once the company has enlisted all the relevant items on the invoice for the staff interpretation prior to the website launch.


  1. Intellectual Property Ownership – The project shall remain the company’s intellectual property up and until the time the payment is made IN FULL from the customer end. Post FULL payments for the concerned project, the Intellectual property is handed over to the client. Any kind of attempts to copy, leach or take the code form the company before payment shall be liable to theft and will be dealt under the criminal code of the law of the state.


  1. Whole Contract – The Agreement comprises of the full Agreement between the concerned parties in relation to the matter. No alterations or modifications to the Agreement shall be accepted or followed upon by any of the parties unless the amending agreement us duly signed from the concerned parties.


  1. Clause of Survival – The above paragraphs form 1 till 15 shall be applicable to the agreement till the termination of contract.